1Should everything be non-taxable for a temporary period in Japan with the aim of consumption recovery?時事
2Should photos be banned in wildlife sanctuaries in order to avoid illegal hunting(poaching)?時事
3Is video gaming healthy and suitable for minors with a limitation of one hour?時事
4Do you agree with allowing a dual(different) surname system for a married couple?時事
5How do you define the difference between inspiration and plagiarism (art theft)?時事
6Should scaremongers(people who spread fake news) undergo a severe punishment?時事
7Should the government ban the breed of the animals that are artificially bred to have a genetic disease, dwarfism?時事
8Do you agree with the idea that feeding wild animals can be a way to prevent them from extinction?時事
9Should products at convenience stores have a multilingual packaging?時事
10Are the benefits of teleworking more substantial than commuting to the office?時事
11Are the arts and theaters good government investments?時事
12Should compensation for medical professionals be reviewed?時事
13Are contemporary people too reliant on technology?時事
14Should male employees get the same length of paternity leave as female employees?時事
15Does the Internet destroy art as it impinges on the rights of artists?時事
16Should censorship of the Internet be introduced?時事
17Should every citizen be obligated by the law to use eco bags?時事
18Is there enough provisions in case of natural disasters in Japan?時事
19Should a SNS user who unconsciously spreads illegal contents be punished as well as the one who posts the contents on purpose?時事
20Is Japan a divided society?時事
21Do mass media have a right to publish articles with detailed information all the time?時事
22Will the decrease of the tourists contribute to improvements on the problems in the area?時事
23Should Japanese people be more free from time constraints?時事
24Will the right to remain unmarried have a good effect on society?時事
25Does Japanese society pay enough attention to peace education within schools ?時事
26Will a business without offices be common?時事
27Are contemporary people ignorant about benefits of insects?時事
28Should Japanese government take more actions to eliminate harmful aspects that violates the rights of women?時事
29Will the voting rate in Japan be improved?時事
30Does Japanese government provide enough guidelines for medical triage?時事
31Has Japanese government invested enough in education?時事
32Do Japanese companies place great value on new graduates too much?時事
33Is Japanese society a good place for feminists?時事
34Can you say that there are great disparities of wealth in Japan?時事
35Should terminally ill patients be allowed to die on their own terms?時事
36Should voting be mandatory?時事
37Is enough being done for educational reformation in Japan?定番
38Is enough being done for mental healthcare in Japan?定番
39Is enough being done to stop misinformation from spreading in Japan?定番
40Is enough being done to eliminate sexual harassment in Japan?定番
41Is enough being done to respect human rights in Japanese prisons?定番
42Is enough being done to care for the homeless in Japan?定番
43Is enough being done for elderly people who live alone in Japan?定番
44Is enough being done to support single parent in Japan?定番
45Is enough being done to provide education with immigrants in japan?定番
46Is enough being done for regulations on advertisement?定番
47Is enough being done for protection for family members of criminals?定番
48Is enough being done to decline the unmarried rate in Japan?定番
49Are children too dependent on their parents in Japan?定番
50Agree or disagree: Japanese people tend to disrespect for literature.定番
51Agree or disagree: Single-sex education is beneficial for students.定番
52Agree or disagree: The consumption of meat is reasonable.定番
53Agree or disagree: Majority of the Japanese schools ignore sport science.定番
54Agree or disagree: Animal fighting festivals should be preserved because of the national tradition.定番
55Agree or disagree: Elementary school should ban children's nickname to avoid bullying.​定番
56Agree or disagree: Programming language should be Japanese in elementary school programming education.定番
57Agree or disagree: Alcohol is as dangerous as drugs.定番
58Agree or disagree: Japan should utilize nuclear power to decrease carbon dioxide emission.定番
59Agree or disagree: Japan should sign a treaty that bans nuclear weapons.定番
60Agree or disagree: Student guidance at high schools is too strict in Japan.定番
61Agree or disagree: abortion should be banned in law.定番
62Agree or disagree: There are sufficient improvements on public facilities for people with disabilities.定番
63Should student loan debt be forgiven?社会
64Should public college be tuition-free?社会
65Should adoption agencies be able to refuse LGBTQ+ couples?社会
66Should LGBTQ+ people have protection from being fired for being LGBTQ+?社会
67Have humans created the problem of climate change?環境
68Should the penalties for littering be more severe?環境
69Should cars of the future be hybrid-style vehicles in order to reduce pollution and the harm caused to the environment?環境
70There is more our government can and should do in terms of ending dependence on non-renewable sources of energy. Do you agree with this?環境
71Should people who own cars be required to pay more tax because of the pollution and damage their cars cause to the environment?環境
72Zoos are worse than human prisons. Do you agree with this?生物
73Hunting for sport is an acceptable pastime. Do you agree with this?生物
74Everyone should spay or neuter their pets to prevent overpopulation. Do you agree with this?生物
75People should not buy pets from pet shops but adopt them from breeders. Do you agree with this?生物
76Microchipping is important in keeping pets with their families. Do you agree with this?生物
77Animal cruelty must be severely banned as same as abuse against humans. Do you agree with this?生物
78Animal extinction is a natural part of life on Earth. Do you agree with this?生物
79Animal testing is beneficial. Do you agree with this?生物
80Is it okay to test antibiotics and cures on animals?生物
81People have no right to conduct medical research on animal species. Do you agree with this?生物
82Agree or disagree: Japanese government has thoroughly tackled wildlife damage on agricultural industries.生物
83Should Japan enforce a carbon tax on every citizen? Should Japan expand its use of nuclear power?生物
84Should Japan move toward 100% clean energy and net-zero emissions?生物
85Recruiters must be required to post job vacancies on a government-run website, not on media resources. Do you agree with this?政経
86Media helps politics. Do you agree with this?政経
87Marijuana can help to achieve peace around the world. Do you agree with this?政経
88Many governments think that economic progress is their most important goal. Do you agree with this opinion?政経
89Space for public parks can be better used by building new houses, business parks or shopping malls to boost the economy. Do you agree with this?政経
90The motivation levels of staff can significantly impact the profitability of a company. Do you agree with this?政経
91Tourism continues to increase around the world. Do you agree with this?政経
92Government must allow the law enforcement to apply DNA profiling in criminal investigations. Do you agree with this?政経
93Will there be less connection between politics and religion?政経
94Which is better for the world, globalization or nationalism?政経
95Can terrorism be a political instrument?政経
96Are civil wars a failure of national politicians?政経
97Does gender discrimination affect politics?政経
98Do social movements have an impact on politics?政経
99There should not be any connections between politics and the media. Do you agree with this?政経
100Do people in your country have enough civil rights?政経
101Should Japan ban both producing and utilizing assault weapons?政経
102Should Japan end the cash bail system? ※保釈金制度政経
103Should recreational marijuana be legal in Japan?政経
104Should the government regulate social media sites to prevent fake news and misinformation?政経
105Should minimum wage be increased in Japan?政経
106Should Japan implement a universal basic income?政経
107Should Japan implement a wealth tax?政経
108Should election day be a national holiday?政経
109Should Japan introduce vote-by-mail?政経
110Should voters be required to show photo identification in order to vote?政経
111Does Japan need to increase the military budget to improve national security?政経
112Should Japanese people be able to import prescription drugs?政経
113Should immigrants who entered Japan illegally be denied a path to citizenship?政経
114Should the Japanese government allow nonbinary and transgender people to choose a third gender option for official documents?​​​政経
115Does International trade lead to complete equalization of factor prices?政経
116Does foreign trade harm or foster growth?政経
117Is it possible for everyone to access information equally?社会
118Is a zero-waste future possible for humankinds?環境
119Do advanced technologies enforce food security?社会
120Will global food industry threaten habitats of wild animals?環境
121Will meal replacement be the main diet in the future?社会
122Should Japan legalize drugs for medicinal use?定番
123Can arm exports be a resort for Japanese industry?政経
124Is it enough done to support charitable organization in Japan?社会
125Should Japanese government control alternative treatment and medicine?政経
126Has the development of science been contributing to natural disaster countermeasures sufficiently?科学
127Has the need for paper been decreasing with the appearance of digital devices?社会
128Humankind will attain equality of civil rights.社会
129Equal access to education is achievable.教育
130Will climate change be eased?環境
131Internet literacy is sufficiently taught at schools.教育
132Censorship is inevitable to keep the Internet safe.社会
133Will the value of marriage change more in the future?社会
134Agree or disagree: AI can be a threat to the society.科学
135Agree or disagree: the value of currency will significantly change.経済
136Will the digitized economy be more active?経済
137Agree or disagree: Japan can be expected to have economic revitalization.経済
138Will the national identification number be utilized more commonly and effectively?社会
139Digitization of administration will be progressed in Japan.政治
140Is economic sanction a weapon of mass destruction?国際
141Will class segregation be completely eliminated?国際
142Is ethnic and racial equality is being promoted enough?国際
143Agree or disagree: autonomous weapons will be utilized in the future.国際
144Agree or disagree: discrimination against immigration will be eliminated.社会
145Agree or disagree: the content value of the Internet is equivalent to that of books.社会
146Is the encouragement of human rights compatible with the growth of the economy?社会
147Can countries which are mainly consisted of the same ethnic group continue the racially homogeneous system?国際
148Agree or disagree: multinational states have more benefits than homogeneous nations.国際
149Agree or disagree: authoritarianism has adequate merits.政治
150Is capitalism the only practical economic system?経済
151Is the world doing enough to promote democracy and human rights?国際
152Is human society under urgent threats?国際
153Is religion still relevant in modern society?宗教
154Does globalization diminish the importance of nationalism?国際
155Agree or disagree: the concepts of national identity have become outmoded.国際
156Is the freedom of journalism strengthened further?社会
157Agree or disagree: democracy in Japan is getting fragile.政治
158Agree or disagree: the power of pacifism is getting weaker
159Agree or disagree: the earth's environment is sustainable.
160Agree or disagree: dictatorship should be eliminated.政治
161Is mass media doing enough to solve social problems?報道
162Agree or disagree: income redistribution harms the development of society.経済
163Should a wealth tax be imposed?経済
164Is enough being done to pursue common goods in society?社会
165Are corporate ethics respected by large-scale companies?社会
166Can proxy wars be eliminated in the future?国際
167Agree or disagree: the world literacy rate can be further improved.国際
168Agree or disagree: the ethical doctrine that human nature is fundamentally good is still acceptable in modern society?倫理
169Agree or disagree: smart agriculture harms livestock animal rights環境
170Will humankinds overcome a threat of a natural calamity?環境
171Agree or disagree: a man-made calamity is a bigger threat than natural disasters.環境
172Agree or disagree: creating world government is the key to achieve permanent peace.国際
173Is the international society moving toward confusion and disorder?国際
174Does the United Nations fulfill its role enough?国際
175Have gender norms changed enough for accomplishment of equality?社会
176Should solar power generation for detached houses be mandatory?環境
177Will there be the end of the military use of nuclear power?軍事
178Is a same-sex partnership system beneficial to society?社会
179Agree or disagree: limit on smartphone usage can be a deterrence for Internet bullying of children.社会
180Can humankinds ever eradicate threats by climate change?環境
181Will the rich-poor division will be a standard of the world?社会
182Has Japan been prepared enough for acceptance of immigrants?日本
183Agree or disagree: plant-based alternative food can be a majority in the future.環境
184Does privatization of infrastructures have more merits than demerits?社会
185Can crimes against humanity be eliminated from international society?社会
186Should Japan have the right to strengthen its self-defense force?軍事
187Should there be any changes in the interpretation of religion according to the times?宗教
188Agree or disagree: a military sanction is acceptable.軍事
189Agree or disagree: further economic stagnation will be unavoidable.経済
190Agree or disagree: rights of children will be more promoted worldwide.社会
191Agree or disagree: Japan is still in an internationally strong position.日本
192Will people running a sideline business become a majority?社会
193Should organ donation be obliged after death?社会
194Do large corporations fulfill their social responsibilities?社会
195Agree or disagree: the role of cultural traditions is no longer meaningful in modern society.文化
196Are conflicts an inseparable part of society?社会
197Will the world starvation problem be alleviated?国際
198Should the value of arts be evaluated more adequately?文化
199Is continued urbanization a demerit to the future of countries?社会
200Has religion diminished its importance?宗教
201Have people’s moral standards for society lowered?社会
202Will the scale of crimes be even bigger in the future?犯罪
203Will carbon neutrality be achieved?環境
204Can society be free of gender bias?社会
205Is totalitarianism a world trend?政治
206Is the current legal adult age in Japan adequate?社会
207Should people be granted access to assisted suicide?人権
208Agree or disagree: freedom of the press is too valued社会
209Agree or disagree: media literacy is enough taught社会
210Will the potential ability of artificial intelligence be a threat to humanity?技術
211Will there be a possibility to prevent further civilian casualities from politics?政治
212Is there a great threat to democracy?政治
213Is copyright respected enough?社会
214Does progressive taxation need to be improved?経済
215Agree or disagree: Working environment should be improved.労働
216Should luxury but harmful goods be banned?社会
217Can gender-related issues be solved?社会
218Will refugee problems remain unsolved?国際
219Is it possible to solve declining birth rates in the future?社会
220Agree or disagree: Juvenile delinquency is a product of societal factors.社会
221Will advances in medical technology improve the implementation rate of organ transplants?社会
222Can multiculturalism lead to a more tolerant society?国際
223Can multiculturalism coexist with national unity?国際
224Do same-sex marriages have an impact on traditional family values?社会
225Do same-sex couples face discrimination in the marriage industry?社会
226Will news coverage of sensitive topics always be biased?報道
227Will advancements in news coverage technology lead to more objective reporting?報道
228Do the benefits of the digital age outweigh the drawbacks?IT
229Will the growth of the environmental movement lead to significant change in climate policy?環境
230Should the refugee crisis be addressed with more stringent immigration policies?国際
231Do current efforts to combat racial injustice go far enough?国際
232Can the proliferation of social media facilitate the spread of misinformation?社会
233Will the growth of the environmental movement be enough to mitigate the effects of climate change?環境
234Will implementing a universal basic income reduce poverty rates?社会
235Agree or disagree: the number of childless couples will increase.社会
236Will there be a further exacerbation of food loss and waste problems?環境