1Is social media making people want more attention from others?IT
2Are anonymous social media services dangerous?IT
3Are parents violating their children’s privacy when they share their photos online?IT
4Do technology tools play an important role in your life?IT
5Do technologies and machines represent a threat to humans?IT
6Should parents limit on time children spend on technology devices?IT
7Do video games with violence scenes make people more violent in real life?文化
8Should stores stop selling violent video games to minors?文化
9Are paper books better than E-books?文化
10Should society invest more in artists pursuing creative works?文化
11Should all the people in Japan learn at least one other language?教育
12Would a delay of school starting time increase student's success?教育
13In Japan, are high school students stressed about school?教育
14Should high schools be mandatory?教育
15Are examinations at Japanese schools adequate to prove students' development?教育
16Are the web filters at schools too restrictive for learning?教育
17Should tablet computers become the primary way to learn in Class?教育
18Is online learning as good as face-to-face learning?教育
19Can smartphones be educational tools?教育
20Is a school dress code in Japan too restrictive?教育
21Is enough being done to stop school bullying?教育
22Should college education become mandatory?教育
23Should universities work more to curtail student drinking?教育
24Do Japanese people have enough time to relax?社会
25Is current young generation more self-centered than senior generations?社会
26Is it harder to grow up in the 21st century than it was in the past?社会
27Will the number of the self-employed people increase in the future?社会
28Will the number of the girl who pursue careers increase more in the future?社会
29Should the rich pay more income tax?社会
30Will people be able to stop gossiping?社会
31Should transgenders be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice?社会
32Should sports betting be legal in Japan?社会
33Should farm animals have more legal protections?社会
34Is competitiveness an obstacle for Japanese society to develop more?社会
35Do you think anxiety is a major problem in Japan?社会
36Is struggle necessary for happiness?社会
37Are teachers in Japan paid enough?社会
38Agree or disagree: Women's rights are adequately respected in Japanese families.社会
39Do you think Japanese government should do more to stop pollution?環境
40Will climate change get worse in the future?環境
41Do you think people should make more effort for recycling?環境
42Do you think hate speech on the internet will decrease?社会
43Should companies stop making employees living away from home for work?労働
44Do you think Japanese government shoud do more to do away with bullying?社会
45Should Japanese government increase financial support for arts and theaters?社会
46Will unmarried couples increase in the future in Japan?社会
47Do you think online lessons will be provided more by schools in the future?教育
48Do you think robots with artificial knowledge help daily life more?IT
49Do you think children will be more interested in job of creaters?社会
50Do you think office work will be replaced by advanced technologies?IT
51Is the public losing interest in politics?政治
52Will Japan still be a safe country?社会
53Does the decision to lower the legal adult age to 18 have a negative effect on society?社会
54Will more young people prefer not to work full time?労働
55Does the Japanese government pay enough attention to citizens' healthcare?社会
56Do Japanese people need to have more international mind?社会
57Is there a complete fairness in public places?社会
58Does social media have a negative impact on mental health?社会
59Can technology be used to solve social problems?IT
60Is the use of animals in entertainment unethical?倫理
61Should employers offer flexible work schedules?労働
62Will it be possible to reduce car usage?環境
63Should the fashion industry prioritize sustainability?環境
64Can art therapy be an effective for mental health problems?社会
65Do stricter regulations on tobacco and alcohol reduce the use?社会
66Will increasing funding for mental health services improve public health?社会
67Can reducing car usage decrease pollution?環境
68Is animal testing is unnecessary and unethical?倫理
69Is cyberbullying a serious problem?社会
70Vegetarian is the most ethical diet.倫理
71Should people use less plastic?環境
72Should schools and businesses promote diversity more?社会
73Is it beneficial for people to be involved in community?社会
74Should people participate in local government more?社会
75Is it beneficial for people to volunteer in their community?社会
76Is it beneficial for people to respect different opinions?社会
77More people should support charities.社会
78More needs to be done to improve education.教育
79Will supporting local businesses benefit the community?社会
80More needs to be done to promote respects for others.社会
81Should Japanese companies use SNSs more actively?社会
82Can environmental issues be improved in the future?環境
83Is it possible to reduce traffic accidents?社会
84Will food loss and waste be reduced?環境